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Shaykh Assim Al-Hakeem
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The Sweetness of Emaan  ( INS083 )
Teacher :  Shaykh Assim Al-Hakeem
Date :  
Sun, 18 May 2014 - Sun, 18 May 2014
Sun, 8:15 PM - 9:45 PM
How would we be able to taste (the sweetness) the forms of worship we are offering to ALLAH Azza Wajal?How would it be a comfort to our souls and heart? How can we reach a level that whenever we have ...  learn more...


Shaykh Assim Al-Hakeem is one of the prominent propagators of Islam in English in Saudi Arabia. He is a Saudi national, born on 23 Nov,1962 and residing in Jeddah - K.S.A 

He got his B.A in linguistics from King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah on 1987, and later on he had a High diploma in Islamic studies from Umm Al Qura University in Makkah. 1998 Apart of hid Da'wah activities, Sheikh. Assim started his Work Experience on1988 by working as an English teacher in High school, and then changed his career into took different positions in the field of Human Resources & Public Relations. He is working now as HR & PR Director at one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia in the fields of rock cutting, earth moving and mining.

Sheikh Assim is active in delivering Islamic programs for the Media in both Arabic & English languages like: 

 2 weekly Islamic programs on Saudi radio channel in English

 A weekly Islamic program on Saudi 2nd channel 2004-2006

 A weekly program on Fiqh on Huda Channel since 2005

 A weekly program "Mercy to the Worlds:" since 2006

 "Youth talk" program on both Majd and Huda English channels.

 "Ask Huda" Fatwa program

 Hosting a "weekly program" on "Iqra" Channel which was aired for 2 years.

 A number of different programs and lectures on Peace TV.


On the other hand he has other ongoing Islamic activities like:

 Delivering Friday Khutbah since 1989

 Delivering 3 weekly lectures in different Islamic books.

 Participation in a number of conferences in India and UK.

Sheikh Assim travels often to Europe, Asia & Middle East for delivering Islamic lectures by invitation of local and international organizations.

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What Students Say
I have been with Eaalim nearly a year. Initially I signed up for Tajweed lessons and my tutor was brilliant. However, I had a strong urge to learn Arabic as the Qur´an is in Arabic and translation is not equal to the actual words. I was assigned an Arabic tutor. I must admit I believed it was going to be a difficult task. I have been studying a full time degree with the Open University (distance learning) while working a combination of night shifts and juggling family life. I took the first step with the help of Allah and I sincerely believe I could have not made a better choice than Eaalim. I find Eaalim cheap, efficient and their customer services staff are always available which I am really surprised about. I am always able to get an answer I need and someone is always there to help. I remember once I was late for my lesson and Eaalim staff called me to confirm if I was going to attend, which was really kind of them to do. I also get a text message two hours before the lesson to let us know that lesson is about to start. Even Open University that I love deeply cannot compare. The online system of recording is amazing. although I am studying computer programming and databases, I was shocked to find that all my recordings are saved for me to review from first lesson till now. That was very helpful when I really wanted to focus on Arabic language as I re-did all my notes during summer holidays.

The teaching system is excellent. In comparison to a world class university, I must admit Eaalim has really out done itself. I have always studied with distance learning since I left college, after many years studying with Alison, ICS, Open University etc. I find Eaalim to be far better in terms of teaching material, empathy towards students and excellent IT system.

My teacher has been excellent. I am really blessed to have a tutor who is very supportive of me. Not only is my Arabic improving significantly but my skills of reading and understanding Qur´an are starting to show and has been very helpful towards my interpretation of Qur´anic Arabic and helped me avoid fundamental mistakes that I could have made. His understanding of English and Arabic language has really helped me progress and come closer to Islam then I would have otherwise. Teaching skills are actually vital which I am grateful my teacher has. I had a teacher in my degree course and everyone stopped attending his lectures even though he is one of the best mathematician in the UK and has developed programs for gifted students, he simply lacked the teaching skills that were required for his audience. Writing this review should itself show how grateful I am of Eaalim to take so much interest in my progressing towards religion. Yes I do have to pay money but what I am getting in return is thousands times my money´s worth.

Prior to Eaalim I tried learning Arabic with friends, used books and auto materials, YouTube etc. but I found Eaalim to be most helpful.

Danish Athar, United Kingdom

Disclaimer: EaalimAcademy.Com is not affiliated with any Islamic group, organisation or political party. Please note: The staff and freelance teachers do not necessarily represent the views of the Academy, and does not tolerate preachers of hate and extremism. Muhammad (saw) said: "Religion is very easy and whoever overburdens himself in his religion will not be able to continue in that way. So you should not be extremists, but try to be near to perfection and receive the good tidings that you will be rewarded." [Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 2, Number 38] Terms of Service

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